100 % Adrenaline

100 % Adrenaline

Explore new places and experience new things, and get thrilled by the adventurous tours of Yexplore. Get ready to visit colourful landscapes, incredible wildlife and people from different ethnicity and origin.
Take up a hiking trip to unbelievably steep mountains, camp in jungles and sleep on open-top trucks. Our packages and itineraries have been designed very carefully that would appeal to each one of you out there but we are always ready and delighted to customise them for you as per your wish and requirements. Whether you are looking for relaxing holiday which might involve sightseeing or plenty of time on beach or an adventurous trek on the hills or mountains, we have it all for you, in any location the way you want.
Make your every moment count, with iconic highlights, unusual and off beaten tracks and experts which will provide you insights you would have never known or heard of before. Explore new places and discover independently, without any restrictions or anyone to hover you. Choose from a selection of adventure holidays and activity holidays which include walking, culture, discovery, cycling, rafting, kayaking, winter activities, wildlife, wilderness, cultural tours and much more.
There is much more to this world than what you just see on television or internet. Experience the real world, explore and discover the most astounding landscapes and scenic beauties on this earth. Visit traditional villages, cities and classic sites. Wander in the forests, mountains, deserts, coasts and most unbelievably strange wilderness sites.
Try Bungee jumping which is the adrenalin-pumped experience of throwing yourself off a tall structure, attached to only an elastic cord. After jumping, you will free fall for several seconds, before the elastic becomes taught and snaps back up, bringing you back up with it! This elastic cord will stretch and contract until it’s lost all its energy, leaving you, eventually, hanging upside down and with a smile ear-to-ear! Climbing is a sport in which an individual ascends a sheer-faced artificial or rock wall. It involves balance, stamina and a degree of strength. Although strength is built over time by holding on to the wall, sometimes for long periods of time in awkward positions; these endurance holds build toned muscle. Climbing has grown in popularity; it’s a relatively modern sport that is still making progress. Technology has helped make it safer, more accessible, and more enjoyable. Arguably, you could say improvements in safety equipment have taken away the large element of risk involved.
Make your dream of falling come true and go for skydiving, a one hundred percent pure adrenaline rush that you will never forget in your whole life. Obviously it seems absolute foolishness to strap yourself to a 5-8 kg of fabric cloth and jump willingly of a plain more than 10,000 ft in the air, well one thing that can be guaranteed is that you will lose all your fear. There is nothing more heart pumping and electrifying than sky diving and yes it’s like a drug, you do it once and you will want it more and more.
Feel like you are on moon, jump like astronauts and watch the beautiful colourful creatures all around you. Confused, what is being talked about? Well its scuba diving. Such is the otherworldly thrill of joining the watery depths that the experience is surely as awe-inspiring as any space travel. Seriously, even novice divers can quickly find themselves sculling alongside fish, and gliding weightlessly above reefs and wrecks. Underwater topography is as varied as the flora and fauna that bring it to life; divers get to see caves and granite boulders, as well as sand.

Expand your travel experience to the next level and explore beyond your imagination with YexploreTM

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