Meet the team

Sachin K Bansal

Sachin K Bansal – Chief explorer of his life and all that is exotic in this incredible world. Energetic creator of demand, motivated& driven by perfection for himself and those who seek his council. An entrepreneur with remarkable spontaneous vision for his company, his metropolis, his nation, his clientele and how the world perceives India–launched his brainchild – a multi-faceted company called YexploreTM in 2012.

“Y indeed do we explore if not to seek perfection in all we do and are – externally and within.”

YexploreTM encompasses every conceivable aspect of tourism within India’s immense diversity, and across the individualistic continents of our world – all of which allows the explorer in you the opportunity of not only reaching destinations tailor-made to suite your particular desires, needs and budget, but also offers engaging interactions with local cultures and the people who make these locations substantially more interesting than many of the customised go-see-return-and forget excursions.
A true Delhi-ite, Sachin is extremely passionate about his city and intend to connect several people, cultures and religions by speciality walking tours Delhi WalksTM. Mirth and clean, wholesome fun is the objective – so join Sachin on one of his Delhi WalksTM today and blend in the city’s culture.
Let us help transform ordinary trips into customized, extraordinary experiences.

Nidhi Bansal

Nidhi Bansal – Co Founder – It’s the exploration that made her venture into the travel industry. For her it is not just about creating the itinerary but all about spending time at a destination and enjoying the locale that bring joy to the travellers. Nidhi possess a progressive track record for keen ability to deliver high touch sales and shares a vision of providing customers with the best and most varied travel services available.

Under the nurturing umbrella of Yexplore fellow seekers of the perfect vacation, a personal/professional event or conference will find the specialised segments and the experience to deliver great customer service along with many excellent travel services and holiday choices.
Contact Nidhi to ensure every step of your journey is planned perfectly and no detail is overlooked.