Fixed Departures

YexploreTM has been organising several fixed departures to some of the most famous and exotic destinations. Fixed Departures is a great way of making a tour logistically easier, safer and a lot more fun.

For many travellers, the enjoyment of a trip is enhanced by travel with friends or people who will become friends. Travelling as a group creates a sense of security, structure, familiarity, and camaraderie. You don’t just have to join a group every time; our individual fixed departures give you the option of travelling alone or just with your family and friends. You can also choose to join a group of like minded people to share your experience with. We plan our fixed departures always in the best time of the season that is suitable for the trip and the dates are always announced well in advance.

We can plan a departure package exclusively for your employees, sporting club, school or special interest organisation. These tours also offer financial savings and help eliminate planning time. You can also opt for customized group tours that can be theme based, interest and hobby based, or depend on the regions you and your group wants to see during vacations.

You can also choose to turn any of our featured group itineraries as a private tour, depending on the date of your departure. We have numerous fixed departure tours to various amazing, exclusive and exotic destinations. So get geared up to make new friends, share your experience and discover some new destinations.


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If you are looking for some new flavours, wish to meet people, socialize and develop new friendships then you are at the right place.

Best Experience

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Our team of professionals have worked hard to create some of the best group itineraries to give you the best, affordable and unforgettable holiday.