Go on your own

Go on your own

A self drive tour is the ideal way to see as much of any part of the world as you please whilst travelling at your own pace.
Discover green valleys, wooded mountains, picturesque vineyards, historical towns and dramatic coastline. Travel to where every stone turned reveals something of this past, and to where legends and poems come to life.
Unparalleled architectural gems which evoke the splendour of the sultans, villages enshrouded in mystery, narrow streets of white walls clinging to the hillside, balconies, geraniums, chimneys and a horizon of snow-capped peaks. On the Northern coast the landscape is dressed in green. Mountains that appear to touch the sky, beaches, coves and cliffs tormented by sea winds, historical villages, picturesque fishing ports, rich culinary traditions and old folkloric customs that never fail to astonish the visitor.
Travel throughout the world with complete freedom and flexibility with the pre-planned itineraries and pre-booked accommodation and selected activities that appeal to all and are often unique to our beautiful country.
Slip away to a luxurious, secluded hotel; envelope yourself in mystic castles, grand chateaux and country manors; witness the grandeur of landscapes that take your breath away; be humbled by history and the scenes of battles won or lost. Experience spectacular scenery and environment, while meeting friendly co travellers and sharing your lifestyles.
Avoid waiting for local buses, taxis or trains; pile as much luggage as you like into the boot; and travel at your own pace. A self-drive holiday, sometimes referred to as a fly-drive, can be an extremely rewarding experience, especially because of the vast freedom it affords you to reach places you would otherwise not bother visiting. Furthermore, and contrary to some people’s beliefs, it’s not as daunting as you might imagine. In fact self-drive tours of Alaska, Australia, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Namibia, New Zealand, South Africa and even Oman, are all ideal because those countries have good roads and infrastructures.
In short, driving holidays offer flexibility and are perfect if you want to get a real feel for a place and then have the option to stay for as long or as short as you like.

With YexploreTM you get to see highlights with manageable driving days and great value accommodation and receive only the highest quality holidaying experience and that you receive complete satisfaction in every aspect of self drive holidays.

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