Mathura in the State of Uttar Pradesh and is mainly regarded as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It is a sacred town with a collection of temples and sacred wells. There are numerous legends and myths, which has gained deep-rooted beliefs in the people. The most holy city of the Vaishnava cult, Mathura welcomes the visitors with the countless tales of the blue god. Each and every spot in this miraculous city has some connection with the most humane incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The serene banks of the river
Yamuna and its holy Ghats attribute the religious fervour of the city to a great extent.

Holi festival in Mathura is celebrated with fun and frolic in fond memory of Lord Krishna and Radha. Mathura Holi is celebrated for over a week. On each day of the week Holi is celebrated in a different temple. Together with Mathura, Holi is celebrated with fervor in Vrindavan. Holi in Bakai-Vihari Temple in Vrindavan is particularly significant.

Holi festival in Mathura also celebrated as ‘Gulal-Kund’ in Braj, a marvelous lake near the Govardhan hill. Tourists and pilgrims drench themselves in color while visiting this sacred site. This ritual is a regular practice in this lake.

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