Social Cause

If you have ever dreamt of or ever wanted to make a difference in the world then this is your chance. We at YexploreTM organise ‘travel for social cause’ where in people can travel on particular occasions with a social cause in mind and with an aim to make a difference in the world. A key part of operating our business is ensuring we leave a positive impact on the communities we live with and visit.

Our social cause travel provides opportunities for you to volunteer for worthy causes while also taking part in more typical tourism activities where you get achance to travel for humanitarian causes and spend some time for environmental conservation, community tourism projects, and community development and more. With us you get a chance to become a Voluntourist.

We believe in giving back to the community and always keen to partner with organizations that are willing to spread the word, bring change and are working on social causes such as:

Girl Education and Empowerment
Environment Issues
Problems of Child Abuse
Unemployment issues
Community Focus – Travel, Parade etc

We also raise funds for charities and our fund raising focus is to like charities retain maximum of the fundraising target.


There is ample number of people out there who are less privileged and need our help, that not necessarily be monetary but through your physical involvement also. You get an opportunity to work with the local people and beyond the experience of a tourist. When you volunteer for a social cause, you are not just helping someone but bringing balance to the society and to the lives of many.

Giving a Hand

We know that there are numerous people who travel a lot and want to give back to the society, to this world but due to lack of information or resources are not able to do so. We help you get there, to places and among people who need us, our fellow beings.