Treatment Tours

Wellness is about maintaining the most complex living mechanism ever created, and no one can replicate it – neither body, nor mind, or soul. We all deserve to be in perfect synchronization for the good of all life’s values. Yexplore gives a new meaning to wellness now through the treatment tours.

It mostly happens when people who have gone through turbulent times and are not sure that how to proceed after their medication or normal life once the treatment is over. They feel relieved that they are finished with their treatments and next priority is to support their health. Despite all the efforts a dilemma remains. We at Yexplore help you heal and regain wellness after your medications and treatment.

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People often experience side-effects such as fatigue, digestive upset, weakened immune system, nerve pain, swelling, hair loss, muscle weakness, depression, anemia or others. Our treatment tours are created and designed to meet you exact needs and help you regain your health.
Our experts shall provide you with a healthy nutrition plan, herbal medicines or nutritional supplements to support healthy blood counts and guide you in stress management and physical activity to promote a strong immune system.
People often feel like their emotional and physical energy has been drained by getting through treatments. Our experts help you regain your energy by ensuring that you’re eating a healthy energy-promoting diet, helping you get adequate restful sleep, prescribing nutritional supplements to help your cells produce energy, providing energy-boosting acupuncture treatments and prescribing herbal medicines to reduce fatigue, nourish your body and promote a healthy stress response.

Contact us to plan for healthy lifestyle to seek mindfulness and re-engaging in social, work and family activities.