The picturesque scenery, unique locations blessed with remoteness, beauty, unspoiled nature and an incredibly diverse range of climates suited to quality wine production. Travel with YexploreTM to some of the most beautiful vineyards around the world. Unique tours for all wine lovers, for a healthy lifestyle and amazing wines.

Enjoy the nature and a first-hand experience of wine making in the vineyards. Arrive at the winery in the morning and walk along the vineyards, while observing vine varieties, training systems and breathing the cool air of the mountains. Visit places which are a perfect blend between the tradition of the old world and the excitement of the new world. Witness the stunning vineyards which climb up the foothills of the hills. These wineries blend classical varietals with world-class winemaking to create flavours and wines not to be found anywhere else.

You’ll experience something magical about every day out along in these picturesque sceneries. Stopping in at a local vineyard to enjoy a glass with good company and good conversation, just unexplainable. Sit with your friends listening to the live entertainment or maybe you wander off where you and your significant other can have some down time away from the city. Whether you’ve only heard of this dream but never experienced it or you’ve experienced it already and have grown to love it.
Visit the best vineyards around the world and taste the best wines with YexploreTM.

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