Wellness Retreats

Wellness is all about creating equilibrium among the Body, Mind and Soul piloting to better and healthier life. The chaotic and frenzied schedule of day to day life creates imbalance amongst the 3 and creates disturbance in our daily life in the form of diseases, physical and mental illness, frustration and dysfunctional self destructive behaviors. We at YexploreTM know and understand your specific needs and our experienced team creates itineraries and packages to suit you the best. Each and every retreat center is run by master practitioners with years of experience.

There are several wellness centers or people who provide these services then what is it that makes us different from them?

And the answer is YOU. Our programs, packages and itineraries revolve around you. We are very flexible and besides the standard services we create and deliver as per your personal requirements making you unique that make us unique.

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Whether it is sonic entrainment therapy, nutritional counselling, cleansing, yoga, pilates, or any different types of massage for the physical body; Chakra balancing and Reiki for the energy body; hypnotherapy, meditation, and stress management techniques for the mental body; we offer numerous options including soul recovery, spiritual awakening, Tantra and Shamanic Journeys for the spiritual body. A one-stop solution to all your wellness needs.

When you are with us boarding for a wellness programme is not just a simple spa break but more than you can imagine. You can decide what kind of service you wish to be served with. On the white sandy beaches or the lush green forests, on the mountain ranges with a beautiful view of the hills or by a river side. Whether you are with your family or on a romantic getaway we are capable of catering you in every possible way.

Uncover the life enduring, self soothing and some of the most pleasant ways to nurture your body and mind.

Just lied down, relax and enjoy the holistic wellness retreats customized specially for your body. Rejuvenate yourself and restore your energy flow amidst the world’s most beautiful settings for increased vitality and prolonged good health.


Feel better and have more energy to enjoy life. Follow a holistic approach to wellness and address all aspects of your higher being. Our programs offer training advice for a healthy body.


Our retreats help you re-fuel with good energy, exquisite nutritious cuisine and healing body therapies. The balance diet will lead you a healthy and happy life to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.


Our retreats offer programs designed to cultivate a healthy lifestyle in unique, enjoyable and permanent ways.
Indulge and get to know how to feel your best and keep your busy life balanced.