Enjoy panoramic views, unsurpassed across world. Rich fertile multi-rivered valleys thickly planted with bananas, nutmegs, cocoa, coconuts, breadfruit and root crops such as eddoes, tannias and dasheens.
Hike or bike and experience the double treat of a tropical rain forest and challenging mountain ridges. See donkeys, mongooses, agoutis, St Vincent Parrots, and more in their natural habitat.

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Heading out into the vast wilderness and discovering the natural and historic treasures. Rugged rock formations line the shores of more than one hundred thousand lakes. The wilderness holidays provides the ideal surrounding for a truly adventurous experience.
Visit the deserts, jungles, plateaux, tundra and mountains of all seven continents. Experience the destinations and the fragile ecosystems, as, by their nature, they are not designed for human habitation. Take trips to the Sahara, Atacama, Namib and Gobi deserts, the jungles of South and Central America, as well as Northern India and Central Africa, or the great mountain ranges of The Andes, Alps, Atlas, Himalaya and Rockies.
Immerse yourself in the culture, the people and the stunning scenery. Whether you wish to challenge yourself hiking through the mountains or try your hand rough running rivers, we have got all for you.

Contact us to experience wilderness to some of the world’s most inspiring destinations.