World Events

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The team at YexploreTM can help you plan your travels to most exciting festivals of the world. We provide the tickets for the festivals and plan travel, make reservations and give you an insights on how communities around the world celebrate.


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Immerse yourself in the arts and music festivals that enliven our cities each summer. Wherever you travel and whatever your passions, you’ll find an event to enrich your holiday. Indulge in concerts, musicals, ballet, opera and theatre and join exuberant parties and celebrations. During summer, discover the surf lifesaving and surf carnivals, in winter, tackle a marathon or endurance event.


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We travel for many reasons, either to get away from it all, to explore new places and cultures or to take the family away for a special treat. Sometimes however, traveling with a definite purpose makes exploring other countries even more fun. Events and festivals range from local events to world-famous celebrations and happen across all seasons and destinations.

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Around the world there are some unforgettable festivals and concerts that are renowned for their exclusive ambience and memorable status.
Let team at YexploreTM organize one of your next trips around a world famous event available to the destination of your choice and get you access to the venues.

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