Desi Chillers

Desi Chillers

Long Before the StarBucks & the Baristas of the World, made an entry into the Food Capital of India, Our Delhi, and started offering their exotic version of highly processed Cold Coffees, Mojitos & what not, Delhi was quite well equipped to beat the heat & with its Desi Beverages ruling the roost . Chilled Flavored Milk- Delhi’s answer to the thirst of its people. There is decent variety to Chose from-Strawberry, Cold Coffee, Badaam, Butter Scotch, Chocolate Kesar. The Milk is just rightly cold, it’s not too chilled so as to rattle your teeth, a perfect cold temperature, good enough to take a Big Gulp. During summers, as you sip onto this delicious drink, you can feel the Chill going down your chest to your stomach, which is quite an awesome feeling!!

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