Musical performance festivals, performing trips, nationally/ regionally televised parades musical performance, bowl games, spring break parties and spring break bash, educational and fun trips, we at team at YexploreTM have the options and experience to fit your group student tours’ desires and budgets.

With so many cultures to show off — and so many centuries of practice you have plenty of places of partying. Festival holidays cleverly combine all the elements of a group holiday so that they coincide with the most important times of the year for the people of your chosen destination.
When you check the festivals, note that some events extend into the following month. Remember that event dates can change, so be sure to review the month preceding your trip. There are numerous fun, group activities to avail of on these merry festival holidays. However, you are also entitled to use your festival holidays to do some independent exploration of your own should you feel inclined. Festival holidays are a unique way to meet new people, learn the most fascinating things about a culture and have fun at the same time!
The team at team at YexploreTM will provide you a unique insight into local cultures and traditions as well.