Food and Food

Food and Food

Now let’s talk about the amazing food of India. The culinary and cultural heritage of India illustrates the harmonious blending of diverse influences over the centuries. Indian cuisine displays the genius of our culture and our people. As time has passed, with reducing distances and the hunger for taste and variety the different regions of the country have interacted with one another and influenced each other’s cuisine, flavours and fashion. The heaven on earth, the breath taking Kashmir fringed by the forests of silver oak and birch, the valley which is resplendent with carpets of kesar which enriches the delicacies of biryani and desserts of Awadhi and Hyderabadi Cuisine. The famous Mughal cuisine with korma braised meats served with thick sauce like curd based gravy, shallow fried kebabs, shami or the seekh grilled in open fire. The tangy and savouries chaat and aloo tkki are the best snacks.
The distinct splendours of Indian cuisine are derived from the therapeutic and aesthetic use ofspices. Colour, aroma and taste – the quintessence of gourmet foods. The emphasis on elegance and subtlety coupled with a spirit of innovation are an integral part of food in Hyderabad remindins us of Awadh. Bengal is synonymous with a matchless variety of delicate sweetmeats and irresistible fish curries. Tamil Nadu takes equal pride in their culinary inheritance. Tamil classics like the Silappadikaram give a mouth watering description of the traditional repast. Rajasthan is often described as “the cradle of chivalry” and it may with justification claim for itself the title of “The Citadel of Vegetarian food”. They share this trait with the neighbouring state of Gujrat. Pulses and lentils form their staple diet and the region’s cuisine makes generous use of Ghee and Chilli or pepper.

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