Golden Ring of Russia

Russia, EUROPE

Experience the treasures of Russian culture, history and architecture on this eight-day jaunt into the largest country in the world. Marvel at Orthodox frescoes and golden domes, watch beautiful ballets and sample the best vodka on the planet. You’ll be led by an expert guide, and the local guides along the way will help you uncover a Russian flavor. Visit the Kremlin in Moscow and contemplate artistic masterpieces in St. Petersburg’s famous Hermitage. The graceful cathedrals of St. Petersburg coupled with the grandeur of Moscow are awaiting discovery on this glimpse behind the ‘Iron Curtain’.

8 Days and 7 Nights,

For most westerners, Russia is associated with its European cities – Moscow and St.Petersburg. This is the heartland of Russia, and these great and ancient cities often become the focus for most guests. However, there is much more about Russia, a country that spans eleven time zones, ending less than 85 km from North America. Within this vast expanse lie the largest freshwater lake in the world, rivers and forests teeming with fish and wildlife, awe inspiring volcanoes, and towering mountains. Russia is the largest country of the Earth, with enormous tracts of land, its natural and cultural heritage waiting to be discovered.

Available Attractions

The Red Square, Moscow

An icon of the Russian traditions, the Red Square is an assembly of contrasting pictures, beautiful churches, palaces and the impressive Kremlin Wall. The biggest attraction here is the famous Wasilewski Sabor - a one of a kind temple with exquisite colorful domes that pierce the sky with their golden pinnacles. The main tower of the cathedral bares the accent of the temple with an astonishing golden dome. The panoramic view that you can enjoy from the center of the square is simply marvelous!

The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg island

A former Russian capital, St. Petersburg is a beautiful city, filled with neo-classical and Baroque buildings and home to one of the oldest and largest art galleries in the world - the Hermitage. With its grand size and richness, the Hermitage collection can only be surpassed by the Louvre in Paris. The astonishing exhibit is constantly evolving over the centuries and features works of brilliant artists like Da Vinci and Rembrandt. A must see for every art lover, the Hermitage is an integral part of the modern cultural image of St. Petersburg.

Lake Baikal

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Also known as the Blue Eye of Siberia, Lake Baikal is absolutely unique. It is the biggest, deepest, and the oldest freshwater lake on Earth, containing twenty percent of the unfrozen freshwater reserves of our planet. The amazingly beautiful area of Lake Baikal is surrounded by mountains and forests, while its waters are dotted by thirty little islands. Enjoy a hike in the exceptionally scenic Sayan Mountains. Or take boat ride on the crystal water, so clear that at some sites you can see up to 50 m deep and peek in the unique flora and fauna of the underwater world.


Caucasus mountain chain bares so much history over the centuries, as the territory of different interests, tough and strong people and harsh inaccessible landscapes. A huge massive of rock and stone, it serves as the natural border between Europe and Asia and was part of three former empires - the Persian, Ottoman and Russian. Breathtaking sights and marvelous nature attract adventure and winter sports connoisseurs from all over the world.



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  • Day 1-2: Moscow
    Arrive in the Russian capital at any time; meet your new tour buds and an old friend – vodka! On Day 2, get busy exploring Moscow, rich in history and housing many of the country’s most famous sights. A good starting point is Red Square. See the unique St Basil’s Cathedral, wander through the up market GUM mall and take the opportunity to visit Lenin’s Mausoleum. Enjoy an included walking tour of the impressive Kremlin, the official residence of the President, and its immense complex of palaces and churches. You’ll also visit the Armory Chamber – a huge treasure house which hosts thousands of items presented to the Russian Tsars by royals and ambassadors from all over the world. Gold goblets, famous Fabergé eggs, 18th Century embroidery and royal carriages adorn the chamber.
  • Day 3: Moscow / suzdal
    After departing Moscow, you cover what is known as the Golden Ring over the next three days. The Golden Ring is one of the oldest routes to be found in Russia, dotted with ancient towns each representing a different historic spirit of the Russian people. On the morning of Day 3, a private transfer will take you to Suzdal, a small town and former capital of European Russia in the 11th Century. Staying in Suzdal is like travelling back in time; back to the old days of a Russia with quiet streets, a slow pace of life, white Kremlin walls and richly-decorated wooden houses.
  • Day 4: suzdal / Rostov
    Travel from Suzdal to Rostov via Yuriev Polski. Golden Ring towns – buzzing and busy two centuries ago – now resemble open-air museums, where life is slow and old traditions are maintained. A guided tour of the War of 1812 Museum allows for a better understanding of the rich and complex history of Russia. The central square of Rostov is occupied by the enormous Assumption Cathedral, whose ponderous bell-tower was constructed mostly in the 17th Century. Its bells are among the largest and most famous in Russia, and each has its own name. The largest bell is named Sysoy, was cast in 1688 and weighs 32,000 kilograms. vernight will be spent in a traditional Russian guesthouse on the shore of Nero Lake.
  • Day 5: Rostov / Yaroslavl
    Continue to the last city on the Golden Ring circuit – Yaroslavl – an ancient Russian town, located at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosl Rivers. Wander through the historic old town and admire the eclectic architecture and the many historic buildings. Sights include the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery and the belfry tower, Church of Elijah the Prophet and the many Orthodox shrines and monasteries that lie along the banks of the Volga. In the evening, board an overnight train to St. Petersburg.
  • Day 6-7: st. Petersburg
    The most European Russian city, St. Petersburg is often called ‘Venice of the North’. The train arrives early in the morning and once you are settled in, enjoys a walking tour with a local guide to give you a real insight to its stunning architecture and history. Make sure you visit the world-famous Hermitage and marvel at its vast collection of art and antiques. In the morning of Day 7, travel on public transport to one of the most beautiful suburbs of St. Petersburg, Pushkin, once the royal estate of the Tsars. A guided tour of Catherine’s Palace will ignite a different Russia – evoking memories of the mighty and wealthy empire once ruled by absolute monarchs. One of the main attractions is the Amber Chamber, a complete chamber decoration of amber wall panels, with different colors and levels of transparency. In the afternoon, return to St. Petersburg for a final dinner, and there is the option to take a night tour of the city’s beautiful rivers and canals.
  • Day 8: st. Petersburg
    Say ‘cheers’ with a final vodka and bid farewell to your new mates. Depart at any time.
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