Let your kids go wild…

Let your kids go wild…

Whether you travel a lot or not, it is very important to prepare our children both in culture and behaviour. It’s not just about teaching them manners but increasing their scope of knowledge, opening portals to multiple dimensions, numerous cultures and traditions. As they say, “World is small place” and its getting smaller even. The technology today has grown much advanced than it was once for us or our fathers or their fathers. Well it’s better to accept the fact that he kids today are smarter and brighter than we were at their age. Just imagine, how advanced and creative will they turn into when they are of our age, or their kids. But are we doing a good job of giving them all the knowledge and skills they need to stand out in this world?

Well, you have admitted them in the best schools with the best facilities and the best conditions any child could get and everything you didn’t have when you were growing up. Teachers are the second parents to your kids but no one can do your job better than yourself. Nobody can make the difference in your child’s life like you can. It is not just about imparting them the knowledge and education of the syllabus but much more than that, something above ordinary.

Take your kids to places, travel the world, and let them learn on their own.

Let them be the discoverers, archaeologists, artists of their own.

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