Private Chefs

Imagine your own private chef – shopping, cooking and caring for all your culinary needs right in your own kitchen! Have the supper of your taste and combinations on your table using the freshest ingredients. At YexploreTM we provide services of a personal chef to prepare your meals which will delight your senses and allow you to enjoy time with your family.

YexploreTM can meet any demand:
Asian Food
Middle Eastern
Vegetarian / Vegan
Specialty Diets
Sports Nutrition
Spa Cuisine
Food Allergies
Low fat / Low sodium

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Leave your pots and pans to YexploreTM team of chefs who can prepare several meals for you to enjoy later in the privacy of your own home. Our chefs meet with you and your family personally to establish culinary wishes, and can prepare specific meals, for each member of your family. They prepare meals in the safety of your own home for you and your family to heat and enjoy later.


Whether you have a large or small family, our chefs are always delighted to serve you the best. For all those who have a busy lifestyle and for those wishing to outsource household duties, our services are the perfect way to compensate your kitchen problems. When meals are prepared just for you according to your specifications, you remain healthy and think better. So let the professionals take care of everything: customizing your menu, preparing the food, plating, serving and cleaning up.


Our chef can create a menu especially for you, shop for the freshest ingredients, hand prepare your food, and package it so all you have to do is heat and eat. Using the finest oils, herbs, and ingredients, you’ll successfully avoid processed food, fast food, and enjoy delicious and nutritious food.