Open highways and rugged mountain passes, and the freedom to go where you will. By road the world and its diverse and welcoming people are more understandable. Relaxing Journeys have designed unrivalled self drive tour packages to ensure your holiday down under runs as smoothly as possible. Our self drive tours include unique inclusions, unique itineraries and unique experiences! A self drive tour with YexploreTM is the ideal way to see as much of any part of the world as you please whilst travelling at your own pace.

There are no constraints, you are free to travel at your own pace and follow your own route. However, our experienced and knowledgeable tour guides are always only a phone-call away to provide you with all the most vital and up-to-date information you might need. You will be equipped with a car, maps, an introduction to the country and its people, as well as important safety and road traffic information upon embarking on these self drive holidays. Have all the boring planning and research done for you whilst retaining your freedom and independence.

Our self drive holidays have been designed to take in all the must see highlights with manageable driving days and great value accommodation. We make it our utmost intention to ensure you receive only the highest quality holidaying experience and that you receive complete satisfaction in every aspect of our self drive holidays.Self drive holidays also allow you the freedom to alter the itinerary as you see fit and choose whether to travel solo or bring a group of friends with you.


Discover green valleys, wooded mountains, picturesque vineyards, historical towns and dramatic coastline. Travel to where every stone turned reveals something of this past, and to where legends and poems come to life.


Unparalleled architectural gems which evoke the splendour of the sultans, villages enshrouded in mystery, narrow streets of white walls clinging to the hillside, balconies, geraniums, chimneys and a horizon of snow-capped peaks.

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If you are looking to discover places on your own, but do not wish to have the hassle of renting a car and finding quality accommodation, then our self drive touring holidays are for you. Our unique inclusive packages include your choice of vehicle and touring itineraries unmatched anywhere else. All our self-drive holidays include city’s highlights and ‘must see’ destinations. A special feature is the two night stays, allowing you to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Custom Made

Each self drive itinerary has been individually created and include unique travel experiences while remaining flexible enough to allow you to discover the sights at a relaxed pace.


Quality style tours with quality bed & breakfasts and mid-range hotels. Superior style tours with superior bed & breakfasts and superior class hotels are available on request.


With manageable driving times, accommodation the best in its class and touring routes chosen for their scenic beauty our self drive tours are unmatched.

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Our self drive tours include the option of top class boutique accommodation, international standard B&B, 4 & 3 star hotels and budget self catering motel accommodation. You can choose the type of accommodation that suits you! At the end of a day’s travel or activity, you’ll want to freshen up and relax in comfort. The hotels have been carefully selected for their superior level of comfort, exceptional amenities, friendly staff & service and their convenient location.