Pamper yourself with one of the many therapeutic treatments available at the amazing Spas, where you won’t feel guilty being indulgent. Our relaxing spa vacations are inspired by the spirit of the sea. We at YexploreTM create tranquil spa vacations. Whether you spend the day – or just one hour – you’ll find yourself relaxed and recharged. Our spa includes spacious treatment rooms, designed for your comfort. So step inside this escape for your senses.


Choose your sensory destination experience signature treatments and services using techniques and ingredients indigenous to each place. With the backdrop of a lush oasis, exotic treatment rooms, and cooling sea breezes, the professionally trained spa therapists will lull you into a sense of well-being and relaxation. From Fresh Pineapple Scrub or Hot Stone Facial to a Bamboo Massage or Volcanic Earth Clay Ritual, all of our services are designed to send both your body and mind on an island journey around the world.


The facials, body treatments, and massage therapies at our spa vacations renew your mind, body, and spirit like never before. Ease away tension with a deep-tissue massage. Cleanse your skin with a soothing facial. Or complement a massage with one of our aromatic scalp treatments. Indulge in the healing and rejuvenating treatments delivered by our specialists. When you are looking for a full-body massage to rub away tension or a skin treatment to clear up the battle scars of travelling, there is a spa that has a space just for you.


Designed for people experiencing general imbalance which manifests itself in a lack of energy or irritability or poor-quality sleep, and is aimed at correcting all those factors which tend to speed up the hands of our biological clock.

Weight Loss

Experience the breath taking luxury stay while retreating the signs of ageing and maintain a healthy look by keeping a balance of the daily intakes which play a vital role in regenerating and rehydrating the skin.


The beauty sense experience is a unique combination of effective know-how and aesthetic expertise. Reversing the signs of ageing and maintain a healthy glow comes from within, eating food that plays a vital role in regenerating and rehydrating the skin.


The blissful and privileged integrated mix of detox treatments, healthy cuisine and optional wellness activities to support celebrate and inspire health through a gentle cleansing process.


The therapeutic centre addresses mind and body with a combination of natural therapies, macrobiotic nutrition and the latest advances in western medicine. The aesthetic landscaping creates a paradise at the service of your health and well being.