Student Tours

Students: If they conceive it and believe it, they can achieve it and we, through our innovative and creative educational tours bring that vision into practice. Plan your educational tours or student conferences with YexploreTM. Our wide range of options and destinations aim to cater every one of you, allowing you to Learn New and Create New. Attend and experience powerful programs to develop and enrich your students, and not just leave them but inspire them to their own power, passion and potential.

We give them path and tools to play big; an international stage, to learn and show themselves. We provide a personalized travel experience from first to last point of contact. Our programs are educationally sound and based on experiential learning and all aspects of our trips are well organized, safe and reliable which creates unforgettable authentic cultural experiences. We offer the best value at affordable prices and in depth tours with complete cultural immersion.

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For seekers of the extraordinary in travel, YexploreTM organises special interest educational tours for individuals and groups – covering every area of interest imaginable. Tribes, Archeology, History, Wildlife, Culinary explorations, educational and industrial visits are but a few of the topic tours specialist escorts are at hand to bringing value to the seeker’s aims.


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Our student tours are complete programs empowered and exciting which will leave a clear path to their future with the knowledge, experience and skills to become effective leaders in the global community.


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We know that future starts with the minds and hearts of the youth and by instilling a sense of greatness, leadership and responsibility in them, so why not give them the best of this world.

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We aim to leave the students as great thinkers and inspirers. The student tours are not just about studies and notes and documentations anymore but much more than that. It’s about creativity and innovation; it’s about thinking out of the box and giving the students a platform to express them and to test their skills and knowledge.


Today with the advent of technology the world has grown smaller and education is not restricted to only classes but it’s out there in the fields, among people and buildings and animals and birds.


We take care of all your transportation and accommodation and provide you with the best services without letting you compromise anywhere.


Fun things to do where you live or during your trip.With our student travel deals you can go further and get more out of your time. Meet other students at these great places.

Student Fares

Student tickets are exclusively for students. We negotiate with the airlines directly, on behalf of college students, to get the lowest fares possible.


Our student preferred hotels are usually located near a city’s major attractions, airport and public transport links.Affordable, good value economy hotels, clean with basic furnishing.