Taj and Beyond

Taj and Beyond

The Taj, A monument to love. The nearby Agra Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and offers glimpses into the life and times of the Mughal Emperors. Situated on the banks of river Yamuna, this city was once the capital of India and now lies in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city finds its notification in Mahabharata by the name Agrevana. The city has seen Sultans like Mohammad Ghouri and Sikandar Lodhi, and the prestigious Mughal Empire from 1526 to 1658.
Amid so much Mughal magnificence, don’t neglect India’s more recent history. Find time to explore Agra, a more interesting city than it initially seems. Its old British Cantonment area has a welcome sense of space, with fine bungalows and churches.
The well-maintained Roman Catholic cemetery houses less ostentatious memorials than the TajMahal, even if one of the tombs, to Col John Hessing of the East India Company, is modelled on it.
There is more to Agra than Taj, there is more to Taj than the Taj itself. The other side of Taj across Yamuna is where the Mughal history has been written in edicts of stone. By weaving together these heritage relicts, a holistic experience of Mughal Agra can be obtained as Agra walks.

Agra Walk gives you a rare behind the scene glimpse of one of the world’s most treasured tourist attraction. The Heritage walk is one (1) km stretch through India’s Mughal history and amicable people is an unforgettable experience.

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