Train Tours

Train Tours

India’s enduring love affair with rail travel goes back to the time of the Maharajas, who competed with each other for the most luxurious and beautiful carriages. The railway network was vastly extended and many beautiful hill stations were built by the British Raj. Today, India’s luxury train journeys offer a glimpse into this bygone era.

In India the train vacation options are limitless. From custom rail adventures on scenic trains to escorted train tours that take you to luxury destinations.

No visit to India is complete without experiencing the bustle of Indian railway stations and a safe & comfortable journey on an Indian express train.Our goal is to bridge the gap between the allure of rail travel and the knowledge required to plan and enjoy train tours.

With carefully planned itineraries and spectacular train journeys interrupted by guided sightseeing tours, a journey on a luxury train enables guests to take as much as possible of the incredible sights and sounds of India within a limited time. The trains themselves are an integral part of the experience, with plush accommodation, mouth watering meals and informative guided sightseeing stops.

Connecting almost all major destinations in India, these luxury train journeys offer beautiful views of the rural countryside, with some routes particularly well known for their scenery. Guests get to relax in surroundings fit for a maharaja while enjoying sights that range from rural landscapes completely off the beaten track to some of India’s most famous tourist landmarks.

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