All those who love the natural flora and fauna, endangered species of plants and animals, our wildlife tours are meant to be exactly for you. Visit the green lands where wildlife has much more than just monetary value, see the amazing birds and animals in their natural dwellings with their young ones living in herds or straying alone.

With YexploreTM you get to know more about the local and natural wildlife, about the animals and how they have survived all this time. Follow their trails, learn and watch how they catch their prey. Spend days in the African bush or the wetlands of Amazon and experience animals much close up in the wild, along with all the luxury and comfort you can only imagine.
Go for a unique honeymoon safari, a thrilling wildlife holiday or an amazing eco-adventure with your friends or with your family.

Whether it’s in the deserts of Africa or the rain forests of South America, the amazing Galapagos Islands or the chilling Antarctica and Alaska, we have innumerable tours and packages designed especially for you.

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Take a elephant ride in Rwanda, look for gorillas in the jungles of Africa and search for the Rhino in Nepal. Experience some of the most amazing and action packed tours ever. Go basking on the Caribbean beaches of Costa Rica with Capuchin monkeys or visit the Orang-utans in Borneo. Visit the national parks and see the wild animals, the unique and endangered, look for the species that migrate from lands as far and hundreds and thousands of kilometres in of food and water.

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Choose your own destination and activities, go for whale watching, swimming with dolphins, bird-watching, African and desert safaris and garden visits, all of which provide you with a truly fascinating holiday experience. Wildlife is not just for fun, knowledge and adventure but it’s a responsibility for everyone out there and that is what YexploreTM promotes through its tours.